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Busy.  The news lately has been sad #Boston bombing, #Waco explosion, and people dying.  Also my daughter is being persecuted by a system that believes they have every right to bully her because her son is autistic.  We try to do the right thing, and all that happens is every step we take is questioned.  Even though my grandson is very happy.  It’s a weird world.  Where happiness is not allowed by spiteful people.  

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Westboro Equality House: Aaron Jackson Paints Rainbow Home Across From Anti-Gay Church

Westboro Equality House: Aaron Jackson Paints Rainbow Home Across From Anti-Gay Church.

This to me is a form of bullying and disrespect to people who don’t accept your lifestyle. No, I’m not talking about people’s viewpoint towards homosexuality; but their prejudiced viewpoint, yes “prejudiced” viewpoint towards heterosexual. Why must they bully their neighbors by painting this house the rainbow colors next to their church. It reminds me of the Muslims wanting to build a temple next to the 9/11 Memorial in NYC. It’s doesn’t show compassion. I don’t support that church’s religion or the Muslim’s, but I can respect them. I also respect the rights of anyone to support the gay community by painting their house the rainbow colors. BUT, I don’t support their buying this house next door with the sole purpose of annoying their neighbors. That’s bullying. I think people are getting their opinions all mixed up. It’s alright to have an opinion. But when does it become alright to FORCE your opinion on other people? So the church stays with the Bible’s teaching of Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. That’s God’s point of view. Not theirs. Does God hate gay people? OF COURSE NOT. But God has his norms and the moral values he place on people is HIS RIGHT TO PLACE ON PEOPLE. Some people are born gay, granted. Some people are born alcoholics. I wouldn’t support homosexuality anymore than I would support alcoholism.

Now I suppose you’re huffing mad at what you conceive as my ignorance. But my friend, my brother, my sister…am I truly ignorant or are you? If a gay person can change their bodies to become the sex they really are, would they? Of course they would! I believe in a God who in a new world will cure us of all infirmities. Some would argue why would you see homosexuality as an infirmity? I don’t. But the gay person who is stuck in a body they don’t feel comfortable in, DO! If they can become “whole” wouldn’t they? Would any heterosexual person who suffers from any ailment with the chance of becoming whole, wouldn’t they? Unless of course the gay person wants to stay in the body they don’t identify with, then I do have to pause and question why.

I don’t want hate mail. I want OPEN-MINDED people. People who agree that EVERYONE has the right to worship the way they want to worship WITHOUT FORCING IT DOWN THE THROATS OF OTHERS.

For an in-depth scriptural teachings on homosexuality from one of the most ancient books in the world, the Holy Bible, I refer you to this link: Go to the “Family” tab and click on “How Can I Explain the Bible’s View of Homosexuality?”

May God bless all my brothers and sisters whether they be homosexual or heterosexual. I love all people because that is what God has taught me to do. God is Love.

Thank you for reading my rants. I get upset with bullying of any sort.